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Cardiovascular Health

This disease affects equal amount of men and women.

Interestingly however, men and women share some risks and symptoms though have very different factors affecting their heart health.

Physical differences in both men and women can affect development and progression of heart disease including:

– hormones (During a woman’s reproductive years estrogen protects her against heart disease, however changes in cholesterol levels during menopause can markedly increase a woman’s risk of heart disease. This is particularly true women over the age of 65.)

– diabetes (A serious condition for both men and women, however, it puts women at an even greater risk of heart disease.)

– metabolic syndrome (This occurs when you have at least three of the following conditions: high blood pressure, prediabetes/ diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity (especially in the abdominal area).

– smoking (Female smokers are twice as likely to have a heart attack as men who smoke.)

-A woman’s heart is made up of small blood vessels in Amman. This may be one reason cardiac blood vessels become blocked so easily and quickly.

We are equipped to evaluate your cardiovascular status at any time.  We perform EKGs, holter monitors, echos and stress tests in our office.  We have a cardiologist on staff who is available to assist our Family Medicine providers assess your cardiovascular risk.

Our goal is PREVENTION!

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