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What is the difference between a Well Child visit and a Sick visit ?


While a Sick visit concentrates on the problem or ailment that brought the patient to the doctor’s office (cold, flu, stomachache, etc.), the Well Child visit concentrates on the whole body and focuses on preventative health care.


At a Well Child visit, some of the tests and procedures include:

• Vision and hearing test
• Blood pressure screening
• Height and weight measurement


To get the most out of a Well Child visit, please be prepared to talk with your Provider about history of present illness (if applicable), past medical history, allergies (if applicable), medications taken, family medical history including psychological history, environmental history (is the patient exposed to cigarette smoke?), nutritional habits, developmental and immunization history.


Please dress your child in comfortable clothing and bring books or something else that will keep him/her happy while waiting for the appointment.


How often are Well Child visits?

It depends on the age of the child. Here’s a breakdown by age:


  • Newborn to 1 year of age – > 6 times a year

  • 2 years of age – once to 4 times a year

  • 3 years of age – once- twice a year

  • 4+ years of age – once a year


Is fasting necessary for a Well Child visit?

No, fasting is not necessary. Please provide your child with a healthy breakfast and lunch before the appointment.

Do vaccinations take place during a Well Child visit?


Yes, vaccinations will be given if necessary. At Regal Pediatrics and After Hours Care in Rochester Hills and Washington Township, free vaccines are provided to qualified children. 

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